Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria

The fertilizer production industry is undoubtedly a rapidly growing industry, hence we have put together the top 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria, a brief but comprehensive list, of which you won’t want to miss.

Fertilizers are chemical substances formulated with essential nutrients in calculated proportions that supplement the missing nutrients in the soil. They come in two types; organic and inorganic. To buttress this point, use NPK 15:15:15 as an example. NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. They are essential nutrients used in enriching soils deficient in any of them. 15:15:15 is a ratio of the percentage of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in the fertilizer.

The fertilizer industry is an industry that was contested in the 90s but today we have 47 registered companies with many still working out their registration. It was contested because it looked sceptical to the traditional farmers.

However the song has changed today, farmers have been enlightened on the benefits of fertilizers and how they can make crops come to their full potential and for this reason, the market of fertiliser companies has become saturated. Making it difficult to spot the best fertilizer companies in Nigeria. Before we move to discourse about the best fertilizer companies in Nigeria, here is a brief history of the Nigerian fertilizer industry.

Brief History of The Nigerian Fertilizer Industry

Today we have 47 registered fertilizer companies but do we know how it all started, Yes! eucarlagro knows.

The National Fertilizer Company of Nigeria (NAFCON) now known as Notore is the first and the oldest in Nigeria and even sub-Saharan Africa as well. Established in 1981 during the regime of General Shehu Shagari during his Green Revolution Period programme. This company had a lot of prospects but it fell out of standards and the market because of the removal of subsidies and the corruption in fertilizer distribution, in 1999.

Nevertheless, Notore purchased this company in 2005 and promises to make it one of the best in Africa. But while NAFCON was becoming Notore, a lot was happening in the background. The Golden Fertilizer company and BEJAFTA Group of Companies were cooking up. And even others like PrimeGold, Dangote, Matrix and others who are not afraid to stand toe to toe with the 80s big dog, Notore.

Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria

With no further ado, we move to the reason you are here, the top 10 best fertilizers in Nigeria. Here they are:

1. Dangote Fertilizer

Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria: Dangote Fertilizer
Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria: Dangote Fertilizer

Our list of the best fertilizer companies in Nigeria would be a very funny joke if we don’t start with the largest Granulated Urea Fertilizer complex in Africa, the Dangote Fertilizer Plant.

The Dangote Fertilizer Plant was founded in 2014 and is located in the Lekki free trade zone, Lagos state, the economic powerhouse of Nigeria. The Dangote Fertilizer Plant started with a silver spoon, as 2.5 billion dollars was its startup investment. Today the major and outstanding product, the Dangote Urea Fertilizer is its market selling point, being patronized by many farmers all over Nigeria.

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Nigeria owes about 3 million tonnes of fertilizers produced to the Dangote Fertilizer Plant. And Dangote Fertilizer plant owes its massive patronage to its corporation with the Farmers Association, State Governments, NGOs and other governments across Africa. Dangote Fertilizer promises not to stop leading until the day Africa becomes food self-sufficient and the top exporter of food products.

2. Indorama Eleme Fertilizer And Chemical Limited

When we talk about Single train urea plants in Nigeria we sure can’t put any company above Indorama Fertilizer. Indorama Fertilizer is one of the best fertilizer companies in Nigeria. It spread out over into Nigeria in 2016 but was founded by Mr SP Lohia in Asia (1975).

Indorama Eleme Fertilizer plant in Nigeria is located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. And it has been running since 2016, producing about 1.5 million tonnes of granular urea and over 800,000 tonnes of ammonia annually.

And to add to the Indorama Eleme Fertilizer plant’s proliferation, they sell natural gas and as well export them. The joy and drive of IFL are seeing high-quality fertiliser being available for every farmer all year round.

3. Earthcare Nigeria Limited

With the increased activism on the importance of ecological farming and organic farming, it won’t be smart if we don’t have this noted in our ranking.

Earthcare Nigeria Limited is the largest commercial producer of organic fertilizers in Nigeria, hence earning it a spot on our list of the top 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria.

Earthcare Nigeria Limited is located in Lagos state and it accounts for over 200,000 tonnes of high-quality organic fertilizer. As its name calls eco-friendly, Earthcare Nigeria Limited cares for the earth by turning solid waste products into organic fertilizer using CDM technology. You probably know its brand name, CompostPLUS.

4. Golden Fertilizer Company Limited

In 1997, Another Giant that in a few years turned Nigeria’s agriculture was born, Golden Fertilizer Company Limited is its name. Golden Fertilizer Company Limited is an underlying of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc.

Golden Fertilizer Company Limited has a mission of helping Nigeria’s Agriculture stand on its feet and also assist Agro-allied companies in Nigeria. The popular product they are known for is NPK 20:10:10 and NPK 27:13:13.

Known for its brand name “Golden Fertilizer” and loved by many farmers, this company has expanded and has its companies located in Lagos and Kaduna.

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What makes Golden Fertilizer special is that it’s insured with PULA and LEADWAY in case of any deficiencies, so farmers won’t suffer loss. In addition to this, Golden Fertilizer Company Limited has access to the Presidential Fertiliser Initiative hereby providing farmers with fertilizers at subsidized rates. Golden Fertilizer Company Limited is indeed one of the best fertilizers in Nigeria.

5. Nitromobil International Nigeria Limited

Nitromobil is next on our list of the top 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria. Nitromobil is a fertilizer-producing company with products notable for high quality worldwide not just in Nigeria. This brand has a lot of foreign ties with the same interests and investments. Countries like France and some other European countries and Countries in Asia are in tight relationships with Nitromobil.

Nitromobil is known for its excellent delivery both in distribution within Nigeria and exportation outside the country. Due to their foreign connection, Nitromobil has secured a right to import and export their fertilizers.

6. Notore Chemical Industries Plc.

When we are looking for the best in agricultural human development we start from Notore. Earlier we briefly highlighted Notore when we were discussing the brief history of the Nigerian fertilizer industry. But let’s look at it more detailedly.

Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria: Notore Chemical Industries Plc.
Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria: Notore Chemical Industries Plc.

Notore as commonly known is a fertilizer-producing company located in Onne Seaport, Rivers state. It is known for its high-quality NPK fertilizers and Chemical products like Ammonia. And due to its situation on the Onne Seaport, its products have enjoyed the ease of exportation and circulation.

And for knowledge’s sake let’s reiterate a little, they bought Nigeria’s oldest fertilizer company NAFCON in 2005. No doubt Notore is one of the top 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria.

7. BEJAFTA Group Nigeria Limited

Located in Bokkos LGA, Plateau State, BEJAFTA is one of the oldest and the best fertilizer companies in Nigeria. Since 1997 when it was founded, BEJAFTA has been growing, as they have even diversified into oil and gas all due to its success in Fertilizer production.

Beyond fertilizer production, BEJAFTA invests in training professionals in agriculture and technicians. Most of the upcoming Fertilizer Companies CEOs even Agritech companies‘ CEOs are not far from the tutelage of BEJAFTA.

BEJAFTA owns one of the largest blending industries in Nigeria as they produce over 330,000 metric tonnes annually. NPK fertilizers whether 20:10:10 or 15:15:15 are BEJAFTA’s most popular products in the market today. And the unique thing about BEJAFTA is that they also accept customized NPK demands to meet your soil’s composition.

8. Matrix Fertilizer Limited

Imagine a company that produces 3000 bags of fertilizers hourly, each weighing 50kg, that your imagination is real as Matrix Fertilizer Company is that company, physically located at Kaduna-Zaria road Nigeria.

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MFL is an outshoot of Matrix Energy Limited. It was founded in 2018 with a belief that just like their 10 years energy company (at that time) succeeded, this fertilizer company will also succeed. Having played the right cards since its inception, MFL now owns one of the largest fertilizer blending companies making it right to add it to the top 10 best fertiliser companies in Nigeria.

9. OCP Africa

Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria: OCP Africa
Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria: OCP Africa

After 100 years of being a global leader in the phosphate market, the OCP group thought it wise to diversify into Fertilizer production, and this was when OCP Africa was born.

It all started in 2016, with a clear vision to promote sustainable agriculture in Africa by producing and formulating fertilizers that will solve any soil challenge. In addition to this, OCP Africa plays an important role in connecting farmers to agricultural services to increase food development.

Nevertheless, they are not doing all these exploits alone. OCP Africa has a lot of partnerships, with many (18) African governments, NGOs, Private Groups etc.

OCP Africa headquarters is located in Morocco but its branch in Nigeria is growing very rapidly. Although being a 6-year-old branch, it has done things that companies three times her age keep struggling with, and that is providing high-quality fertilizer, educating farmers and the same helping local farmer access funds.

10. Primegold Fertilizers and Chemical Industry Limited

Last and not least on our list of the top 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria, we have Primegold Fertilizers and Chemical Industry.

Primegold is an agro-allied company established on 18th September 2009. It kick-started from on a 25,000sq metres industrial site at Kilometres 10 East-West Road, Aleto-Eleme, Rivers state.

Primegold is known for its organo-mineral products NEEM based NPKs and Soil primers, which help soil very fertile for agriculture. In addition to providing nutrient-rich fertilizers, Primegold offer 20 plants related chemicals and specified fertilisers.


The fertilizer industry in Nigeria is growing and this development is indeed beneficial to the government and farmers as they aid them to produce crops (food) all clock round. 47 industries owned by different visionary Nigerians have been instituted and many more would join the Que very soon. We believe that we have done justice to this topic on the top 10 best fertilizer companies in Nigeria.

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