How To Start a Quail Farming in Nigeria [Detailed Guide]

Starting up a quail farming business is cheap, simple, and very profitable. The livestock gives exceptionally sound low-fat white meat and supplies the manure you require for your greenery enclosure.

The moderate start-up expenses for a quail farming business are well justified, despite all the trouble. On the off chance that you are considering going into the business of raising quail or you are as of now in the business, you have one noteworthy goal, to make a benefit.

There is a tremendous market for those in the business at this time. The expense of food and supplies is negligible considering all the meat and eggs you get for the hard work.

What You Need To Know Before Going Into The Quail Farming In Nigeria

Raising quail, however, does require more than simply nourishment and structure. It additionally obliges you to keep a clean, healthy, and habitable environment for the quails.

One solid point you should note when raising quail is that infection is your greatest adversary. Studies here have found that 80% of all quail mortality could have been averted with fitting hygiene and proper administration.

Learners ought, to begin with, the Coturnix quail when engaging in the business. The Japanese or Coturnix quail are the quickest developing and replicating feathered creatures. Hence, you won’t find the bird hard to deal with when starting your livestock farming venture.

Qualities of Quails

Quail farming business

Quails are little winged birds that can be grown and bred as livestock or pets. A full-grown quail weighs between 150 to 200 grams and its egg weighs around 7 to 15 grams. Female quails begin laying eggs between 6 to 7 weeks of age and on average lay one egg per day. In their first year of life, they lay about 300 eggs. After that, they deliver from 150 to 175 eggs in the second and subsequent years.

They are likewise the best species of quail to rear for meat and eggs. These quail have a surprising imperviousness to ailment, begin laying at six weeks of age, and can be expended at four to five weeks of age.

Coturnix and numerous different sorts of quail and their eggs are promoted year-round by amusement-winged animal homesteads all over the world. Keeping up the same number of hours under lights will keep your Coturnix quail laying eggs all through the year.

Why You Should Start Quail Farming in Nigeria

Raising Quail

Quail bird breeding is a standout among the most gainful business in the poultry wing of the farming division. The business has an exceptional yield on venture within a short period.

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This is a business that I would advise any agricultural enthusiast to begin at any time. Having seen its profit range from just the sale of its eggs sourced to its medicinal value; it’s a definitive buy-in.

Quails are raised for their meat and eggs, yet most of the benefit is in the eggs delivered. With a great ranch home, a quail is fit for laying an egg every day. The normal cost of a quail egg in Nigeria is thirty Naira (N30), and it is sold at such a price because of its appeal.

Health Benefits of Quail Meat and Eggs

Start quail farming

Quail farming is exceptionally beneficial like other poultry farming businesses; including, chicken, turkey, or duck farming businesses. All sorts of climate conditions are suitable for beginning a quail cultivating business. The meat and eggs of quail are extremely delicious and nutritious.

Quail eggs are more nutritious than other poultry eggs. Since quail eggs contain relatively more protein, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B1, and B2. Quail farming can assume an imperative part of taking care of the demand for sustenance and nourishment. Quail farming business obliges little capital and work. Quails can be raised alongside your other poultry-winged animals for meat or egg generation.

A rich quail egg is thought to be substantially more nutritious than a chicken egg and restorative specialists do suggest it for the treatment of numerous infirmities. This includes the treatment of, hypertension, gastric ulcer, liver issues, asthma, frailty, and so forth. No big surprise it is said to be super sustainable. You can deliver prolific quail eggs on your farm by crossing your quails in a male to the female proportion of 1:5 ( 1 male, 5 females).

The quail egg is exceptionally suitable for human well-being. It contains 2.47 % less fat than chicken eggs. Quails don’t hatch their eggs. So you need to utilize a hatchery or brooder chickens for bringing forth their eggs. Numerous individuals trust that ‘quail eggs help to avert circulatory strain, diabetes, gasp, and so on. Eggs are exceptionally delightful with different shading.

Quail meat is exceptionally divine and nutritious. Fat is low in their meat. So quail meat is extremely suitable for circulatory strain patients.

How Lucrative is Quail Farming Business?

Quail farming is a business that is anticipated to soon assume control of the poultry business in Nigeria. This is a consequence of the high rate of profits derived from the minimal effort put into raising them contrasted with chicken farming.

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According to a recent study by a compulsory standard organization of medications, a full-grown chicken expands an average of 150 grams of nourishment each day, while an adult quail devours between 20 to 25 grams of sustenance every day in addition to almost no medications.

Quail egg is sold at N30 which is half the price of chicken eggs. Quails take around five to six weeks to develop purposeful layers in contrast with chickens which takes twenty to twenty-four weeks before they can start laying eggs

Quail Birds Are Special Gift for Mankind – Farmer.

Advantages of Quail Farming

Quails are smaller estimated poultry fowls, and it’s anything but difficult to handle them. The principal advantages of beginning a quail cultivation business are outlined below:

  • Quails are small birds and can be raised in a little space. You can raise 6 to 7 quails in the same spot that is needed for one chicken. This is similar to raising 6 to 8 quails inside of the 0.91 square meter zone.
  • The sustaining expense of quails is relatively lower than chickens or other poultry fowls.
  • Ailments are less in quails, and they are exceptionally solid to infections.
  • Quails develop quicker than other poultry birds.
  • They begin laying eggs from 6 to 7 weeks.
  • The meat and eggs of quail are extremely wonderful, delectable, and nutritious. So it’s an extraordinary wellspring of nourishment and sustenance.
  • Quail farming needs little capital, and work expense is low. As the essential expenses are less, so you can begin this business with almost no venture.
  • Quail meat contains less fat. In this way, it is suitable for hypertension patients.
  • As the quail eggs are smaller in size, the cost is likewise lower than other poultry eggs. Therefore, you can purchase more quail eggs at a cheap price

How To Start Quail Farming in Nigeria

Starting quail farming

Do you know that you can make up to N200,000 monthly profit guaranteed, and in just 1 – 2 months from today? Would you like to boss your life and many others? Then concentrate, let us detail all you need to know before you dive right in.

As we already know by now, quail farming is more profitable than chicken farming, due to the amazing health benefits of quail eggs. A sought out in hospitals, clinics, and homes.

What’s more, do you know? it is so easy to start quail farming even today!

  • You don’t have to quit your present job
  • No exceptional aptitudes work experience or qualification
  • No stress needed
  • You don’t have to CRY for individuals to offer you help in the business
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Rather the reverse is the case, the medical advantages of the eggs are sufficient to offer you! Just with a little start-up capital, you can earn more than you present.

Who Can Start Quail Farming Business

Anybody, even an ignorant fellow can do this business and bag profits if only you can read and follow instructions then you can make it, no MBA or an endorsement is needed to do this business, age, sex; area, or scholarly capability is never a hindrance.

Start-up Capital For Quail Breeding

With little as N5000, you can start and attain success earning nothing less than 100,000 from this business monthly. Does this mean that quail farming is a get-rich-quick-scheme? No!

We will help you practically start the business legally. Okay?

Quails can be brought effectively up in the business system. A few individuals have effectively begun business quail cultivating business.

As it is a lucrative business venture and can be an extraordinary wellspring of salary and livelihood for both employed and unemployed individuals. Indeed, you can begin raising a couple of quails alongside your present calling.

To get you started as a pro we have packaged an eBook- containing a BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY REPORT on QUAIL BIRD FARMING BUSINESS covering all you need to start up this business from scratch.

The eBook will grant you access to the practical steps that guarantee success in the quail breeding business. You can get this eBook at a generous cost of N5000; which is nothing compared to the wealth of information that lies within its pages.

FAQs On Quail Bird Farming Business

How many eggs do quail lay per year?

Quails lay on average 300 eggs in a year.

How long does a quail live?

Quails rarely die of old age. However, their average life span is less than 1 year.

Do quail need light at night?

In order for quails to sleep properly at night, they need only 15 hours of daylight. The 9 hours left should be for sleeping in a dark room.

Is quail meat better than chicken?

Quail meat is higher in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, minerals, and amino acids than chicken meat. Hence quail meat is better than chicken meat

Can quail and chickens live together?

Chickens and quails can be raised together but, they need to have separate coop sections and aviary. You can divide the chicken and quail coops so they do not intermingle.

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