About Us

Eucarl Agro is the number one Agro-Business weblog providing all-around agricultural information, best farming practices, profitable agricultural business, startups, and agro-business plans.

Eucarl Agro team of experienced farmers from Benue state Nigeria, residing in Benue state – a predominantly agricultural state.

Agriculture is the backbone behind the Benue state economy, engaging over 70% of the working population, adding value to the nation through his numerous agric endeavors.

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About us – Eucarl Agro

Our Goal

Information, they say is power. Our aim, therefore, is to provide adequate information to the general public to sensitize them on agricultural ways of food production, good farm practices, effective pet eradication and control, and promote quality agricultural products for all.

Eucarl agro is focused on improving agricultural practices, providing easy how-to-start farming guides, and all you need to know about agriculture in Nigeria, in Africa, and the world at large.

We are determined to change the poverty mindset towards farming that is prevalent in Nigeria and Africa, we are determined to refine and bring about productive farming in Nigeria and Africa.

What We Are Doing

We are here to equip farmers with the right information on the best agricultural practices, how to get started, and lots more.

  • We have a group of experts with years of experience and they have detailed information on how to go about starting any agricultural business.
  • We offer free consultancy services to farmers who want to start farming on a scale, either in the backyard or in commercial farming.
  • We give guides on how to start livestock farming and crop cultivation.
  • We sell farm products within and outside the shore of Africa.
  • We teach farmers how to secure quality seeds and quality breeds for animals to start their farming business.

How We Are Doing It

Being a team, we have good liaisons with experts in various fields of agriculture from academics to practicing farmers. we review recent journals for updated information about the latest agricultural practices in the world.

We attend agricultural conferences, seminars, and farms to keep updated about the practices of agriculture in Nigeria and on the coast of the continent.

Need Help Getting Started?

In the event that you need help getting started on any agricultural business, we are just a mail away, you can contact the cheap admin via [email protected].