23 Agricultural Products You Can Export From Nigeria (2024)

There are many items you can export from Nigeria to other nations that can make you huge money in dollars.

Unlike the common notion that Oil-related products are the only high-demand products to sell to other countries. There are many exporters in Nigeria who know the truth, taking advantage of these export products to make huge money in dollars.

If there are many export products in Nigeria, one would wonder why people are more into Importation when there are available raw materials and resources that are in high demand.

With our list of 23 items you can export from Nigeria, you won’t only make huge profits but also contribute immensely to Nigeria’s Economy.

List of 23 Agricultural Products You Can Export From Nigeria To Other Countries

1. Cocoa

The Number one on our list of agricultural Products you can export from Nigeria is cocoa. Long before Nigeria became an Oil-producing nation, she had been exporting Cocoa to other countries. Cocoa is one of the top items you can export from Nigeria which will give you huge profits.

Cocoa has a ready-made market mostly in America and the UK. Especially because of the use of Cocoa butter;(pressed and crushed beans from Cocoa fruits) which is useful in making chocolates. Other derivatives can also be used in the production of beauty and facial products(Soap, Lotion), Skin Care Products, and even pharmaceutical products.

2. Dried Kola nuts

Dried Kola nuts are a lucrative business for exporters in Nigeria. Dried Kolanuts are widely needed and have a ready market because of their usefulness.

Dried Kola nuts derivatives are used in the production of body creams, soft drinks, soaps, drugs, and even beverages. Because of its healthy usefulness, it can be found in some drugs.

Dried kola nuts can be sourced from the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It’s a seed gotten from the Cola tree.

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3. Guava leaves

Guava leaves are another lucrative item you can export from Nigeria. Most exporters in Nigeria identify and know its worth in the market.

Guava leaves have a lot of therapeutic effects which is why it’s used in the production of many Pharmaceutical products. The leaf helps to control diarrhea, facilitate weight loss, and is used in the treatment of cancer and tooth problems. The leaf can be found almost everywhere and is easy to get. Why don’t you try it out?

4. Groundnut

Groundnut is also one of the items you can export from Nigeria. It’s mostly grown in the northern part of Nigeria including Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa, and so on.

Groundnut is mostly processed to make oils that are used for the production of different materials including varnishes, leathers, paints, furniture polishes, and many more.

5. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most popular spices for food in the world. Apart from being a spice, it has many health benefits including relieving pain, motion sickness, and many others.

Nigeria is one of the largest producers of Ginger making it one of the top items you can export from Nigeria. It also has a ready-made market.

6. Garlic

Like Ginger, Garlic is also a spice and it’s widely demanded for the same reasons as Ginger.

If you are exporting from Nigeria, Garlic is a good choice for the export product.

7. Sesame Seed

Sesame Seed is one of the most demanded oilseed crops in the world. Nigeria produces about 25% of Sesame oil consumed which is quite large. It’s commonly produced in Benue, Jigawa, Gombe, Katsina, Plateau, and some northern states.

Sesame seed is highly needed for different production. It’s one of the lucrative businesses we recommend for exportation from Nigeria.

8. Snail

Nigerians are quite good at snail rearing which is an advantage you should take. Because most European nations and even America have a large market for snails.

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It’s one of the top items you can export from Nigeria which is capable of giving you huge profits.

9. Palm Kernel Oil

Nigeria’s economy is currently dependent on the exportation of Crude Oil to other countries. The natural resource is one of the most exported products in Nigeria, leaving other types of oil under-tapped.

Palm Kernel Oil is another highly demanded export product in Nigeria that you can take advantage of.

10. Textile

Textile is also one of the lucrative items you can export from Nigeria. Considering the fact that Nigeria has many unique Ankara designs, it has a huge market size. The textile industry alone is worth $32 billion.

11. Cashew Nut

According to the National Cashew Association of Nigeria, about 144.7 billion is earned annually from only cashews. Cashew nuts are in high demand in Brazil, and Vietnam where it is reprocessed before selling in high value to other countries.

Cashew nut is one of the items you can export from Nigeria.

17. Melon Seeds

The melon seed is one of the most popular exported products in Nigeria. The seed is highly needed in different parts of the world because of its nutritional value.

Melon seeds are abundant in Nigeria and you can take advantage of that by exporting from Nigeria.

18. Cabbage

Cabbage is also one of the most abundant items you can export from Nigeria. Leafy vegetables are needed in the production of many foreign foods and snacks.

Cabbage is produced in large quantities in Sokoto, Taraba, and Plateau. You can try its exportation from Nigeria to other countries to see the profit margin.

19.  Crayfish

Crayfish is also another edible fish that is quite lucrative when exported from Nigeria.

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About billions of dollars are earned by exporters in Nigeria who take advantage of the price difference.

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20. Cassava Flour

Well-processed Cassava flour is lucrative when exported from Nigeria to other countries. Especially those nations in the Middle East, America, and Europe. It’s one of the recommended items you can export from Nigeria with huge profits.

21.  Rubber

In the dollar-free market today, you could sell a standard cubic meter of finely processed rubber for about $400 – $600 dollars, and some even sell for more. Imagine what you would be able to do with a truckload of rubber or a farm that is based on the cultivation of rubber trees.

That is one endless flow of income, especially as the European and American societies usually demand it in large quantities.

22. Honey

The honey that you would see packed in bottles here and take for granted is making huge dollars in the international market. Viable for use in the home-cooking industry, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, you could sell a kilogram of honey for above $150 on exports now.

23. Charcoal

This could make you laugh, but it is the truth. The world might have advanced technologically but the use of coals in steam engines and some ships cannot be replaced.

Having about 50% return on investment, charcoal is being produced in large quantities in Nigeria and a tonne can be sold for as many as a thousand customers to willing customers such as the United States, Asia, and the European Union.

Exportation from Nigeria, no doubt is profitable and lucrative. Like other businesses, it requires skills and knowledge to succeed. We advise you to learn the ropes well before trying to export one of the recommended items or export products in Nigeria.

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