How To Start Potato Farming in Nigeria (2024)

Potatoes are among the most popular vegetables today. It is great for frying, boiling, mashing, salads, and baking. There are over four hundred varieties of potatoes in the world and to start your own potato farming in Nigeria, you need to choose the variety that best suits your farmland. The best way to know which variety to grow on your farmland, carry out research among potato farmers within your area.

Do you have land wasting away and you are wondering what to do with it or the kind of crop to grow in it? Why not grow potatoes there, who knows, growing potatoes might just be what you are looking for; besides the importance of agriculture can never at all be overemphasized

How to Start Potato Farming In Nigeria

Potato Farm Business
Potato Farming in Nigeria


To prepare your farm, you need to clear, plow, trill, and drain the soil. You can hire workers to help you in those aspects, they will assist in putting in a good amount of manure which will automatically improve the soil texture.


Once you decide on the type of potato to plant, buy certified seeds from commercial suppliers, and plant them. Make sure to space out each seed from the other when planting them.


Potato Farm Business
Potato Farming in Nigeria

After planting your seeds, you can wait for about three to four weeks before applying fertilizer. Use some comfrey leaves to fertilize the soil, wilt them for a day place them at the bottom of the trench, and cover the plant with a small amount of soil.

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One major factor that adds to successful potato farming, is the effective management control of diseases and insect infestation, using herbicides and insecticides.

Potato farmers apply insecticides when the plants start growing to drive away flying insects and pests. Farmers apply herbicides or insecticides by sprinkling or spraying irrigation systems while making sure the liquid does not contaminate groundwater.


Potato Farm Business
Potato Farming in Nigeria

Once the potato leaf or plant starts looking brown and withering, you will know that your potatoes are ready for harvesting. Ensure to dig them up before the ground becomes hard to prevent too much hard work.


After harvesting, keep your potatoes in storage and lay them out in the sun the next day, repeat this for three (3) days; after which the potatoes will become more mature and dried. You can take them back to storage and go seek out dealers in the marketplace and sell to them for a profit.

FAQs on Starting The Potato Farm Business

What month do you plant potatoes?

Potatoes grow well during the rainy season and can be planted in March, April or May.

How long does it take before potatoes can be harvested

You can start harvesting your potatoes when it is four to five months from the planting day.

What grows well with potatoes?

Potatoes can be planted with crops under the cabbage family. This extends to include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. They don’t compete for nutrients with the potatoes as they have a shallow root system

Can potatoes and tomatoes grow together?

Potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers are all under the nightshade plant family and as such cannot be planted together with potatoes. This is because they will compete for the same nutrients as the potatoes if planted side by side. Also, pests and diseases will easily spread between the crops.

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