How to Start Orange Farming Business: The Complete Guide

Do you want to learn How to Start Orange Farming Business? Do you want to start a commercial orange farming business but don’t know how? this article explains all you need to start a successful Orange Farming Business with ease.

Orange (Citrus sinensis) of the Rutaceae family is a tasty fruit known to all people of the world. Orange belongs to the citrus fruit family which it’s largely made up of a variety of oranges in them. The name of the fruit is synonymous with its color and it is tastier due to its orange color.

The uses of oranges are almost infinite compared to other fruits like bananas, watermelon, or even mangoes. It is used to make tropical drinks both for commercial and personal purposes. 

 It is also a major ingredient for soap, perfumery, antiseptics, drugs, and many others.

The market for this fruit is enormous because almost everyone loves oranges and it is probably the best choice of fruit for every household out there.

How To Start Orange Farming

So if you are interested in growing oranges for commercial purposes, here are the major tips on how you can start orange farming business and sell them and reap the result of your labor in a short period of time.


Orange Farming business plan

 You need to first write or get a business plan at hand before starting this business. With a business plan, you will be able to know how you want your plantation business to operate, whether on a long-term goal or a short-term goal, and also ways to weather competition while still staying relevant in the business. To get a Sample business plan, contact us.

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As a new entrepreneur or an individual who is inclined to grow oranges for a business venture, it is imperative to decide on the scale you want to operate. 

Decide whether you want to start on a large scale, which requires huge capital, large farm space like 200mm or thereabouts, modern farming equipment, management/operational costs, and the rest.

Or on a small scale, where you will take your time to plant your orange seeds, water, and nurture them till it gets to harvesting time where you can then sell and make good profits.


Orange farm

Orange cultivation is done everywhere. There are many varieties of oranges out there and to enable the orange plants to grow very well, you need to know the particular type that best suits the soil in your farmland.

Orange as a fruit needs to be planted in sunny areas that have means of draining water, the oranges also need to be water for 6 to 10 days tops during the rainy season as heat tends to dry the soil faster. but during the dry season, it needs less water as rain will do most of the watering for you.

Another way to cultivate oranges is by using fertilizer. According to agricultural experts, it is much better if you fertilize orange plants every 3 to 5 weeks.

Putting fertilizer help the fruit to grow faster which is more favorable for those growing oranges for commercial purpose.


Orange farming

This involves;

  • Preparing farmland,
  • Dip a deeper and wider hole
  • Bring sapling
  • Place the sapling in the hole and cover
  • After some days, you can either water or use fertilizer on the soil.
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Growing oranges

Once you know it is getting to the time for harvest, you need to go out there and get buyers for your orange fruit. This won’t be a difficult task as there is a never-ending market for orange fruits.

You have a host of buyers to choose from, from conglomerate manufacturing companies to smoothie bar owners, wholesalers, and retailers in the local markets and to individuals for their personal use.

I do hope this article has been able to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in you and help you with how to make the orange plantation a successful farming business.

 To Assist you further we’ve written a detailed comprehensive business plan on the Orange farming business, containing all you need to get started and succeed. to order, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Start Orange Farming Business

How long does it take to grow oranges?

Oranges take between 8 to 12 months to fully mature; though some may take up to 15 months. To know if any citrus fruit is ripe enough, you would have to taste it.

What is the lifespan of an orange tree?

An evergreen orange tree can be productive for 50-60 years. Some last for 100 years or more depending on the care given to the plant.

How many oranges do you get from one tree?

You can get from 200 to 350 oranges from a healthy and mature orange tree. Good farming practices may lead to a harvest of 400 to 600 oranges per tree.

How many times a year can you harvest oranges?

A single orange tree can produce just one crop of fruit per year. This means that you can have only one harvest season in a year from an orange plantation. The fruiting cycle can be between 10 to 12 months.

Do oranges grow all year round?

Despite being evergreen, Orange trees unlike limes and lemons, do not produce fruits throughout the year.

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