Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

In this post, we will be discussing the top 15 best magazines for farmers. Through the decades one of the main issues farmers struggle with is being able to gain information.

Many farmers in the rural parts of the world are faced with issues like infestations and lack of publicity thereby wishing for platforms like magazines that could answer their questions and put their products out to the national or international market.

So, in this post, we want to help you solve this issue by listing out the top 15 magazines for farmers and also helping you connect to them.

Here Are The Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

The Progressive Farmer

Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

The Progressive Farmer is the first magazine for farmers that we will be looking at. First Published in 1886 by Leonidas Lafayette Polk in Winston, North Carolina, The Progressive Farmer is an agricultural magazine, published 14 times yearly by DTN.

Based in Birmingham Alabama, The progressive farmer magazine has gone through many administrative switches and also gone through a pretty commendable growth from North Carolina to every part of the United States and even in the world. Yearly hundreds of thousands of copies are sold. Thereby earning a spot in our list of the top 15 best magazines for farmers.

Farm Journal

Farm Journal is an agricultural trade magazine established in March 1877 by Wilmer Atkinson in Philadelphia. Thereby making it the first farmers magazine in the world.

According to the magazine’s website in 2022, the magazine now publishes 13 editions a year and has 335,000 subscribers. It doesn’t end here, Farm Journal also produces the AgDay and U.S Farm Report Television Programs. Do well to visit Farm Journal for more details on how to purchase it.

Farm & Ranch Living

Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

Farm & Ranch Living is a magazine released every two weeks. It gets its stories from the stories of farmers and ranchers thereby using it to tackle some less controversial issues.

What makes Farm & Ranch Living unique is that the stories are experiences of farmers, not just content. Today over 200000 copies have been sold.

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The Countryside and Small Stock Journal

Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

Established in 1917, The Countryside and Small Stock Journal is a Journal released six times a year. This magazine tackles different important agricultural issues.

Take, for instance, the Countryside July/August edition tackled issues like Hydropower on homesteads, Homemade fair food, and some DIYs that will interest you. Click here for September/October Edition. Countryside and Small Stock Journal is one of the top 15 best magazines for farmers.

Grit Magazine

GRIT is a magazine popular in the rural U.S. It gives realistic advice, product reviews, livestock guides, gardening, cooking, and other DIY information, and funny and inspirational articles about people around the country. Based in Topeka, Grit has circulated 150000 copies. So adding it to our list of the top 15 best magazines for farmers is right.

Small Farm Today

Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

Small Farm Today is a quarterly printed magazine that provides farmers with information, ideas, solutions, and resources to meet their aspirations. Its contents have been proven to be reliable and accurate through the years.

And as so, it won the Best Publication by the New York State Association of County Agricultural Agents (NYSACAA) in 2006. Small Farm Today gets its content from professionals in the citadel and professionals in the farming field. Making it part of our top 15 best magazines for farmers.

Hobby Farms Magazine

Hobby Farms Magazine is a bimonthly magazine founded by Norman Ridker. The magazine was a product of the critical thinking of Norman Ridker when he visited his friend who farmed as a hobby in 1991. Hobby Magazine was first published in March 2001 getting its content from various hobby farmers.

Why many farmers love this magazine goes beyond its amazing designs and photographs but into its potential to turn mere hobbies into incoming generators. Today this idea of Norman Ridker has given birth to two more children, Chickens Magazine and Urban Farm Magazine. All three Magazines are edited by a group headed by Rogers Sipe.

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Urban Farm Magazine

Urban Farm Magazine is a subsidiary of Hobby Farms Magazine. It aims at encouraging self-food production in the cities and suburbs areas. This magazine is full of DIYs on everyday farming issues like bedding, grafting, etc. And it also offers jaw-dropping recipes.

Urban Farm Magazine was easily accepted by the public because of the success of its Parent, Hobby Farms Magazine. Today you can get your own Urban Farm Magazine for less than $15. And it’s one of the top 15 best magazines for farmers.

Mother Earth News

Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

Mother Earth News is a bimonthly published magazine owned by Ogden Publications. It was founded by John and Jane Shuttleworth in 1970. After the Passing of John, Mother Earth News passed through different ownership until it got to its present owner Ogden Publications.

Behind every publication of Mother Earth News, there is a motive for self-sufficient agriculture. Providing tonnes of needed DIYs and How-Tos, Mother Earth Provides an ordinary farmer with guides that will yield extraordinary results.

Self-Reliance Magazine

Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

Self-Reliance magazine is a 100 pages quarterly publication that began in 2013 as a purview of Backwoods Home Magazine (now Independent).

Just like its name points out, Self-Reliance magazine is an agricultural magazine that aims at raising self-sustainable farmers who farm their food as they follow the concrete steps written on its pages. As of June 2021, 15000 self-reliance magazines have been circulated in Print and on Amazon Kindle.

Backwood Home Magazine

Backwood Home magazine was founded by Dave Duffy, his wife (Anne Duffy), and his daughter (Tuttle Duffy) in 1989. Backwood Home magazine is known for its self-reliance and emphasis on practical skills. It’s also a quarterly magazine.

In 2018 Backwood Home Magazine employed the use of Amazon Kindle only but now they are back to print format. And from its records of 2020, Backwood Home magazine circulated 50000 copies. Making it part of the top 15 best magazines for farmers.

The Stockman Grass magazine

Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

The Stockman Grass magazine is a 75-year-old magazine founded in1947 and released monthly for viewers’ consumption. The aim of this magazine through the years has been to promote grassland agriculture by providing farmers with grassland ideas by profiling leading farmers and ranchers monthly.

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It covers natural grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-based dairying, grass-fed lamb, pastured poultry, and pork. If you own a ranch school or a farm school and you are interested to get this magazine to help you tutor better call 800-748-9808 for free samples.

Organic Farming Magazine

In the UK there are many Farm magazines but Organic Farming Magazine is the best for those who want to learn more about organic farming.

Fortunately for those who are members of the Soil Association, they can easily lay their hands on it through their websites. It provides useful information and guides in natural agriculture and the magazine doesn’t have a price tag, just be a member of the Soil Association.

Rodale Organic Life Magazine

Top 15 Best Magazines For Farmers

Founded by J. I Rodale in 1930 and presently produced by Emmaus and led by his granddaughter Maria Rodale, Rodale Organic Farm Life is a 104 pages bimonthly magazine for Farmers who are trying to live better, eat and shop responsibly, boost and interact with their families responsibly, and manage to their environment very well but do all of the above with a kind of enthusiasm and energy as well.

Another propelling force of this magazine is to push forward the organic movement not just to farmers but also to everyone who eats food.


In this post, we have seen the top 15 best magazines for farmers. We didn’t just list them we also explained them and the motives between the pages.

There are other magazines for farmers but these are the top 15 best you would come across in our present-day world. What then are you waiting for? hurry and get yours! Remember if you want to be a wealthy Farmer you must first have a wealthy mind.

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