Top 7 Agritech Companies in Nigeria

The Top Agritech Companies in Nigeria, The 21st Century is a century full of opportunities, and Agritech is one of them. Agritech as the name implies is the combination and application of technology in Agriculture.

Over the past three decades ranging from Tractors to harvesters and even soil and water sensors, robots, automated irrigations, and weather trackers, agriculture has evolved beyond the hoe or tractors to even being able to aid a person to digitally farm.

What is an Agritech Company?

  From the comfort of your room, and during your six to eight hours of night sleep, you can be sleeping and farming without you being physically present on a farm. All you need is to get the right agritech companies to invest in digitally.

Some fellows think that the only way to combine technology is by the use of incubators, electric feeders, tractors, farm websites, robots, and drones, but this is myopic. A person with little or no idea about how to hold a hoe or to drive a tractor can be farming and that’s where Agric-Tech companies come into the scene.

This article aims on referring you to the top 7 Agritech companies in Nigeria where you can invest your money in peace and gain high yields. For clarity, this article’s rating is derived from research on these companies and is not in any specific order

Top 7 Agritech Companies in Nigeria

    Here are the top 7 Agritech Companies in Nigeria, that you can invest in and earn digitally without you being on a farm.

1.     Farmcrowdy

Founded in 2016 by Onyeka Akumah and his team is the first and the lead agritech company in Nigeria. Farmcrowdy is situated in Abuja and Lagos, with over 25,000 farmers empowered and raised over 3 million chickens since its start, focuses on providing the necessary tools and technology for farmers and agribusinesses to enhance food production with better yields, cheaper cost, and smarter marketing.

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As stated earlier, a person with little or no knowledge but interest in agriculture can invest a minimum of N20,000 into any farm produce of His/her choice and earn within 5 to 12 months depending on the farm product of choice. Farmcrowdy is insured by Leadway Assurance, so no need to panic.

2.     Groupfarma

Since the inception of Groupfarma in 2018 by Niyi Ogungbade, Groupfarma has partnered with over 42,000 farmers across various agricultural practices in crop and livestock, leading to household empowerment, and increasing food yield in communities and Nigeria as a whole.

And Groupfarma is a company that will make you smile after investing, why say so? Groupfarma not only farms on over 29,000 hectares of land so far, but they are also sponsored by over 7520 sponsors. Fidelity Bank and Zenith Bank are their sponsors/partners. 

Groupfarma companies are located in Lagos and Ibadan. The investment cost has its minimum amount of N50,000 is affordable and at least 12% return on investment, certainly it’s the second agritech company in Nigeria.

3.     Farmsponsor

Farmsponsor is another Agritech company, the third in Nigeria. Farmsponsor as its name implies deals with sponsoring farms in Nigeria and making returns in three months.

Farmsponsor says that they are “A grim tech business with the mandate to promote food security in Africa with a host of our products” Assuring? Yes! Farmsponsor has invested in over 300 farmers, gotten over 4000 sponsorships with the likes of First Bank Nigeria, UBA, Polaris Bank, Access, Keystone Bank, farms on over 1000 farms, and has 36 farming cycles so far. An individual interested can invest N100,000 in either Agro estate (Palm tree), poultry, feed mill, etc.

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Farmsponsor is covered by robust insurance companies like Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation and Leadway Assurance Company Limited. Farmsponsor won an award as West Africa’s Best Word class Agric-Tech/Agricultural Real Estate Brand of the Decade during the West Africa Brands Excellence Awards 2021. And Africa’s Leading Quality Agritech Platform Brand of the Year 2021 during the 7th African Quality Achievement Awards.

4.     Farmkart

Another agritech company that you can invest your money in and not think of a loss is Farmkart. Jesse Osiobe is the Chief Executive Officer of Farmkart foods. Founded in 2015, is an agritech company leveraging technology for the growth of sustainable products and by-products of poultry and fish.

They even offer doorstep services. Farmkart’s investment period spans from 6 to 12 months with a minimum return on investment of 14%. Farmkart’s head office is located at Ogba, Lagos state.

With the partnership of able companies like Cordros, Mikano International Limited, Farm360, Top feed, Musterpoint, and Leadway Assurance, you are assured of safe investment returns.

5.     Thrive Agric

Established in 2016 by Uka Eje and Ayodeji Arikawa, Thrive Agric has worked with over 19,000 farmers and has farmed on over 150,000 acres of Land in six years.

The Mission of Thrive Agric is “making agriculture profitable for you and Africa’s smallholder farmers by providing access to finance”. An investment in Thrive Agric has a Return on Investment of 6-25% in a given time.

6.     Ez-Farming

Next on the list of top 7 Agritech companies in Nigeria is Ez-Farming. Launched in the fourth quarter of 2018, Ez-Farming is ” the 1st farm accelerator that helps local African farmers scale their businesses fast and find produce buyers”.

The CEO Dr. Adewale Ez-Farming said that the idea for this company started on 10th January 2015 after returning from an agric research work trip to Nigeria and Rwanda. Today, Ez-Farming has 801 all-time owners & co-owners, Farming on 20000 acres of land by 121 farmers being empowered by this same company.

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And each farm involved is covered by the company’s insurance, so, the investment is safe. With a minimum amount of N41,000, you can invest and make returns of 15% and you can also own your farm with a token of N285,000.

7.     Payfarmer

Last on this list of agritech companies in Nigeria is Payfarmer, which was founded by Bamidele Alimi in 2019 to bridge the gaps between investors and agriculture and to Help Farmers produce 70% more food by 2050, It will be a smart move to invest in the the the a company that has foresight.

In 7 years of work, pay farmer has connected 1,859 farmers to 6,488 investors who have made up over 36,000 investments, As we see an investment in Payfarmer can make up to a high ROI of 30% on investment from Farming Vegetable, Poultry, Piggery, and other local food products.


Agriculture is now on another level. With only your money, no farm or seed or knowledge of farming, you can farm with the help of technologies through Agritech companies. Agritech companies in Nigeria have empowered thousands of farmers and brought massive returns on investment for people who have put this knowledge of agritech investment into the trial.

Our research foresight in our Research sees people who will invest now into Agritech being extremely Wealthy and owning the agricultural sector before the year 2050. Just as Cryptocurrency is a game-changer today, Agritech is the Black gold of the Future.

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