7 Types Of Chicken Feeds in Nigeria

The success of Chicken farming in Nigeria is dependent on any of these 7 types of chicken feeds in Nigeria not your poultry infrastructure, chicken equipment, skilled management, the breed of chicken, etc. you have, alone.

You might be rearing a Bovans brown of layers, own a large poultry farm, or use good equipment but without these 7 types of chicken feeds in Nigeria, all other factors won’t count any longer

Also, the choice and cost of chicken feeds are one of the worries of many beginner farmers. In this article, 7 types of Chicken in Nigeria will be discussed.

It is aimed at clearing every confusion on ages and chicken feeds, best chicken feeds, and affordable and available chicken feeds.

Note: The arrangement of feeds in this is not in any specific order.

Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing A Chicken Feed

To choose the right feed among the 7 types of feeds in Nigeria, that I will be listing soon, you have to know the classification of poultry feed. Starter, Grower, Finisher, and Layers.

They have their respective functions and age limit for application. We will discuss broadly on this in another of our posts for better clarity.


Age is a very pertinent factor to be considered before choosing any of the 7 types of chicken feeds in Nigeria that are listed below.

The classification of poultry feed and the chicken’s age go hand in hand. Normally before you buy chicken feed, if the feed sales want to help you or wants to be sincere, he will ask you about the ages of your chickens.

We have heard of some cases where finishers were given to week-old chicks. So, age must be considered first.

Availability and Accessibility

Every solution starts with a question and every big tree starts with the digging of the ground. Ask yourself, is this feed always in the market? Is the market close by? Does the company supply many?

If you successfully answer these questions then you have considered the factor of Availability and Accessibility. Chickens eat daily, three times to be precise, therefore you need to buy feed that is always in the feed store close to your chicken farm and always ready for purchase.


Cost is the value at which a particular product can be purchased, in this case, chicken feed. Before you rush into credit lifestyles, analyze the money you have budgeted.

Also, consider the probability of profit and loss after-sales and know which chicken feed will leave you smiling or crying.

Quantity and quality

Truth be told, not every feed that will be listed will be the same in quality and quantity. Some chicken feeds when used make your chickens grow healthier and faster than some others.

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While some have an incomplete size of feeds. You can see maybe 10kg layers of feed, but after personally opening it and weighing it, you will find out that it might be 9.5kg or even 9kg.

Therefore, this factor should not be ignored when choosing the below types of chicken feeds in Nigeria.


Another factor to be considered is the Purpose of raising the chicken. Your purpose will be a good compass on what type or even specific product among the below-enlisted types of chicken feeds in Nigeria.

7 Types Of Chicken Feeds in Nigeria

There are several feed production companies in Nigeria depending on your location. Here are 7 types of chicken feeds in Nigeria that you can buy anywhere.


7 Types Of Chicken Feeds in Nigeria

TOPFEEDS is a very familiar name in the chicken feed industry. TOPFEEDS is manufactured by Premier Feed Mills Co. Ltd. subsidiary of Flour Mills, Nigeria.

Previously in 2008, TOP FEEDS was a single feed production company before Flour Mills bought them. Flour Mills later established Premier Feed Mills to be entirely in charge of the production of the feeds.

TOPFEEDS is renowned for its successes in chicken feeds, aqua feeds, and even other livestock. They are very available in all feed stores in Nigeria, especially their distributors.

Premier Feed Mills has its factory sited at different three areas in Nigeria; Calabar, Kaduna, and Ibadan, but have distributors all around Nigeria.

TOPFEEDS products arrive in mash and crumb: For Layers birds, the mash differs from:
Chick Mash – Super Deluxe
Grower Mash
Pre-Layer Mash
Layer Mash

While the Layers Crumb gets to us in three different types. They are
Chick Crumb,
Grower Crumb, and
Layer Crumb

And For broilers birds, both the mash and crumb arrive in forms of:

Super Starter

TOPFEEDS concentrates which focus better on maize in the feed include two different types which are 30% and 40% concentrates.

The cost of a 25kg bag of TOP FEEDS for chickens either mash or crumb ranges above N5000 presently.

2. Hybrid Feeds

7 Types Of Chicken Feeds in Nigeria

Hybrid Feeds are developed by Hybrid Feeds Limited. Their factory is located in Kaduna but has distributors all around Nigeria.

In 2019, the company inaugurated 3 recent poultry feed products in Nigeria. These products are Broiler Starter Crumble, Broiler Finisher Pellet, and Hycon Layers Concentrate.

Just like their competitors TOP FEEDS, they produce products in the mash and concentrate.

Hybrid Feeds can come in
For Layer birds:
Chick mash
Grower Mash And Concentrate
Pre Lay
Layer Mash And Concentrate

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For Broilers birds, their products differ from
Broiler Starter Mash
Broiler Grower Mash
Broiler Finisher Mash

The cost of Hybrid Feeds begins from ₦4000 above depending on the classification of feed and location.

3. Animal Care Feeds

The third type of chicken fed in Nigeria is Animal Care. This variety might not be as prominent as the other feed production companies. Animal Care feed is manufactured by Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria.

Their main factory and office are in Iperu Ogere, Ogun State while they have their regional offices and milling plant in Asaba and Kano, Nigeria.

Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria was founded in 1979 and they also provide technical laboratory assistance in their offices.
Their poultry feed products are in form of mash and concentrate.

For Layer birds, the assortments of feeds include:
Hatchmore breeder mash
Chicks Nourisher Mash
Grow fast Concentrate
Grow fast Mash
Laymore Concentrate
Laymore Mash

For broilers birds, their products are in:
Supreme Broiler Starter Mash
Broiler Starter Mash
30% Broiler Concentrate
Broiler Finisher Mash

Similar to every other bag of feeds listed above, it weighs 25 kg.
The cost of Animal Care feeds runs from ₦4,500 and above counting on location.
For more information about Animal Care Feeds, contact them by mailing [email protected]

4. Vital Feed

The fourth on our list of types of chicken feed in Nigeria is Vital Feeds. Vital Feeds is manufactured by Grand Cereals Limited, an underling of UAC Nigeria PLC. Their factory is located in Kano, Nigeria.

Differently from other feed spoken of above, they package their feed both 25kg and 50kg which brings about their uniqueness.

7 Types Of Chicken Feeds in Nigeria

Their products are:
Super Starter
Growmaxx – For Grower birds
Growers Pelletized
Layers (pellet) and,
Layers (Eggmaxx – Crumbled layers)

The cost of Vital Feed goes over ₦4, 300 in shops all over Nigeria presently
For more details about Vital Feed, contact them by sending mailing [email protected]

5. Chikun

7 Types Of Chicken Feeds in Nigeria

Fifth on this list of the types of chicken feeds in Nigeria is Chikun. Chikun feed is one of the products of Olam Group Nigeria. Its head office is located in Abebe Village, Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria, and sited its factories in Lagos, Ogun, and Kaduna, Nigeria.

When we talk about types of chicken feeds in Nigeria, Chikun has been a tenacious competitor with other feeds.

Chikun Layer birds products include:
Chikun Chick Mash
Chikun Grower Mash
Pre-Lay Mash
Chikun Layers Mash
Chikun Broiler birds, the feeds include:
Super Starter Mash
Starter Mash
Grower Mash
Finisher Mash
Chikun Feed also weighs 25kg/bag and also has its feed-in pellets.

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The price of Chikun feeds begins from ₦4,000 trusting on which of the variations you are buying.
For more knowledge about Chikun Feed, you can contact them at [email protected]

6. Cornerstone Feeds

Cornerstone Feeds is manufactured by Fola Afe Agrovet Services. Their factory is located in Ojokoro, Lagos State, and an extension factory in Agege, Lagos Abeokuta Road, Lagos.

The meaning of their name gives their recent success a shoulder, Cornerstone is one of the growing feed brands in Nigeria. Years before now, Cornerstone has not been popular for use among chicken agriculturists.

Their products include:
Chicks Mash
Broiler Starter Mash
Growers Mash
Broiler Finisher Mash, and
Layers Mash.

Just like others, a bag of Cornerstone Feeds weighs 25kg and costs above N4000 in any Nigerian store presently.
For more information about Cornerstone Feeds, contact them via their email [email protected] or [email protected].

7. Bread Well

The last of the types of chicken feed in Nigeria, we will be discussing is Breedwell. Breedwell is manufactured by Breedwell Feeds Limited, an associate of Sayed Farms. They have their factory in Alomaja Area, Ijebu Ode, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

7 Types Of Chicken Feeds in Nigeria

Similar to Cornerstone Feeds, Breedwell has its products in 25kg and 50 kg as well. Their product types are:
Broilers Rations
Professional Rations
Layers Rations
Concentrates and
BW Concentrates

The most familiar type of feeds among the feeds spoken of above are:
Layers Rations:
Chick Mash
Grower Mash
Pre Layer Mash
Layer Mash
Layer Mash Phase 2
Broilers Rations
Starter Mash
Finisher Mash
Super Starter Crumble
Starter Pellet and
Finisher Pellet

You can grab your Breedwell feed bag in any feed store in your locality for anything slightly above N4000.
For more details about Breed Well Limited, send an email to [email protected].

Additional types of chicken feed in Nigeria that you can use are: Ultima Feeds produced by Olam Groups, Hendrix, Livestock Feeds produced by Livestock Feeds Plc

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Chicken feeds account for over 50% of chicken success and 90% of chicken business failure if not used or jumped into without proper consideration. We discussed factors that need to be considered before choosing types of chicken feeds in Nigeria and we properly enlisted the 7 types of Chicken feeds in Nigeria, although not in a particular pattern.

We believe that all you need for your chicken success is contained above. So, we say: go and brood healthy chicken!!!

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