7 Types of Fish Feed in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to be studying 7 Types of Fish Feed in Nigeria in-depth. This post aims at answering all your questions on: which feed should I use on my fish farm? What is the best type of fish feed in Nigeria? What are the types of feed to be used for each stage of fish?

Fish feeds are the food the fish eats. In Fish farming, fish feeds are very important because the fish’s yield depends on the feed it eats. Fish feed range from those made naturally and the artificially made feeds. In Nigeria, catfish is the most reared fish, hence our reference to it.

Fishes are not too picky in what they eat. In the wild fishes eat anything to survive, ranging from algae to even plastics, which is the main cause of aqua-mortality in the world today.

7 Types of Fish Feeds in Nigeria

7 Types of Fish Feeds in Nigeria
Types of Fish Feed

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing Feed Types (in Nigeria)

They are :
1. Cost
2. Age of your Catfish
3. The Nutritional composition of the feed.
4. Available ingredients
5. Anti-nutrition in Ingredients: this is the presence of ingredients that can cause death to the catfish
6. Time of Consumption (how many days or weeks are they supposed to eat the type of feed)
7. Delectability: Does the catfish enjoy it.
8. The class of feed ingredient
9. Ease of Purchase: is the feed available in case the one you will buy finishes?
10. The type or scale of fish farming you operate
11. Your type of fish pond

7 Types of Fish Feed in Nigeria

In this post, we are going to briefly discuss 7 (main) types of fish feed in Nigeria. As you read whatever isn’t clear to you, feel free to ask your questions in the comment section and do well to check other of our posts and also follow us, as more posts like this will be gracing your screen.

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Before we move to the brands that produce the most used and advice-worthy feeds, let’s know the types of fish feed in Nigeria

Dry Fish feed (flake feed)

Dry Fish feed is the most commonly used feed among the several types of fish in Nigeria. Many farmers in the tropical areas of Nigeria with saltwater, who farm catfish prefer dry fish feed to other types of fish feed in Nigeria because of its rich composition of fiber and nutrient concentrate, they do not sink and they last longer on the rack without deteriorating in quality.

7 Types of Fish Feed in Nigeria
Types of Fish Feed in Nigeria (Dry fish feed)

Vacation Fish Feed

The Second type of fish feed we will be looking at is the Vacation fish feed also called weekend blocks.
Busy Farmers or farmers who have other jobs use it when they are not around to feed the catfish.

This feed is tossed into the pond to dissolve and settles on the ground of the pond. Vacation feeds are not to be underrated because added in too much quantity, can cause death to the catfish due to the pollution of the water by these feeds.

Medicated Fish Feed

Farmers who have noticed any health challenges of their catfish use this feed. It is more like a feed used to make the catfish accept the drugs needed for their health.

The drugs are added to the feed to make the unhealthy catfish healthy. This is one of the common feeds used among the different types of fish feeds in Nigeria because of health care

Freeze Dried Feed

These are feeds manufactured from natural components from their habitat. Mosquito larvae, water fleas, blood worms, brine shrimps, and tubifex worms are very good ingredients used in making this type of fish feed. It is processed, packed, and sold, so it doesn’t perish easily

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Frozen fish feed

Frozen fish feed is the fifth among the types of fish feed in Nigeria we will be discussing. It is also gotten from natural ingredients like Freeze Dried feed but they are different.

The difference is that frozen fish feed is fresh and perishable. The ingredients of frozen fish feed can include daphnia. This feed is the best feed used in feeding Discus Fish.

Powdered Feed

This feed is similar to Vacation feed but although they both pollute water if added too much, the differences are:
It used to feed juvenile fishes
It is in powdery form

Pellet feed

Pellet feeds are mainly used in larger aquariums and farmed fish so it is suitable for catfish farming. Pellet feeds are produced by grinding up food components, applying heat to them, and shaping them to your chosen size.

Compared to other types of fish feeds in Nigeria, pellet feeds decompose slowest. So, the fishes eat up everything leaving none to pollute the pond.

Pellet feeds have the longest shelf life compared to other types of fish feed in Nigeria because the small surface area of the pellet feeds reduces oxidation.

7 Types of Fish Feed in Nigeria
Types of Fish Feed (Pellets)

Another type of fish feed in Nigeria that I will just mention is the species-specific fish feed.

Fish Feed brands in Nigeria


Skretting feeds are like a substitute for natural feeds like maggots when they are juvenile. Produced in over 18 countries, including Nigeria, Skretting is love because it’s very rich in nutrients which help fries grow fast as it has a protein content of 48%.

Their feed appears in Superior Repro (for broodstock), Fish Starter (for larvae, fry, and fingerlings), and Superior (for floating feed for older fish).


Coppens is manufactured by a company called Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre located in The Netherlands. They are the main competitors of Skretting and they took over the market.

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Coppens feeds are very rich in proteins. The protein content in it is as much as 56%. They are the best for rearing tilapia and Eel.

Aller Aqua

Has been producing aqua feed for over 50 years despite it being a family business and has its factories in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Egypt, China, Zambia, and Serbia while they export to over 60 nations in the world.
Aller Aqua does not only manufacture feed for African Catfish, they yet have feeds for fishes like Crap, Eels, Salmon, Tilapia, and so on.

Top feeds

Another feed that will be good for your fish is Top Feeds. The top feed is Nigerian-made. Their factories are located in Calabar, Ibadan and Kaduna. Top feeds became popular and highly patronized because of their success in poultry feeds.

Are you a fish farmer and you are looking for dried fish feed or any type of floating feed or quality affordable feeds, Top feeds got you covered especially with juvenile fishes of 3 months.

Top feeds come in Regular (for fingerlings, young, and melange), and Omega Fish Feed (for table-size fish and broodstock). They moreover encompass feeds for Tilapia fish.

Other reputable brands of fish feeds in Nigeria are Blue Crown, Vital feeds, and Ecofloat.


Selecting fish feeds are very confusing to fish farmer. Many factors are considered before choosing one of many types of fish feeds in Nigeria to use on your farm.

We have enlisted and explained the 7 types of fish feed in Nigeria likes of dried, Vacation, Medicated, Freeze-dried, Frozen, powdered and pellet fish feeds.

And to give you the best direction as we always do freely on eucarlagro.com, we also listed 7 reputable fish feed brands and explained most of them.

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